Document Scanning and Indexing

High Desert Microimaging has been providing document conversion services since 1992.  Since that time, we have focused on work done at our clients’ sites since onsite conversions afford maximum document security and access.  We maintain our leading-edge approach by continually acquiring the most up-to-date software, hardware and procedures. We implement “best-of-breed” technologies, without adhering to one brand of scanner or software.

Our experience covers a broad range of document types. We scan items as small as credit card receipts or as large as engineering blueprints. We have wide experience with difficult items such as tissue or color copies and fragile archival materials. We can convert bound materials and do book scanning without cutting the bindings.

In addition to document conversion, we convert microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards to digital images. Other photographic media, such as slides and negatives, are also converted to electronic formats. We even have experience with 3-D media including fabric and carpet samples.

Document conversion invariably includes properly identifying (indexing) the images. We do this automatically through barcodes, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), forms processing and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). ICR recognizes handprint, while OCR recognizes printed fonts. When automatic methods can’t be applied, we manually key and then key-verify information to assure the highest accuracy. If an extract of a client’s database is available for verification, we create an appropriate and efficient process.

Output can be in a wide variety of formats, most popular are PDF and TIFF. Other formats such as JPEG, XML, spreadsheets, text and custom formats have been generated to meet our clients’ needs. We can integrate with almost every specific database requirement for enterprise imaging systems.

Delivery is available in a wide range of options. Most popular is External Hard Disk, though smaller conversions are typically CDs or DVDs. We offer secure FTP to clients that can accept high volumes of data directly. Almost all delivered data is encrypted for security.